Meghan McCulla Tyree

Meghan, owner of Terpsichore Body & Mind, has been teaching movement classes for 14 years. She earned her degree in theater and dance from the University of Texas in Austin. Meghan has worked for three physical therapy clinics: Eccentrics Physical Therapy, Mountain Land Physical Therapy, and The Movement Science Center. She has taught classes and held the position of Associate Director for a modern dance company: Of Moving Colors. Although she has had many teachers, Meghan credits her knowledge of Pilates and biomechanics to her mentor, Irene Rampino. Along with teaching dance and performing, Meghan's Pilates has taken her to New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Baton Rouge. Her detailed training in Classical and West Coast approaches to Pilates, modern dance, and children's yoga have motivated her to pass along the body and mind connection.   




Zach Jenkins

Zach is from Mandeville, Louisiana. He attended LSU and studied English Literature. During his studies at LSU, Zach began to practice yoga and meditation. His aim while at University was to fuse western and eastern philosophical traditions. This pursuit of union, soon turned into a passion for Buddhist and Yogic philosophy. After completing his studies in English Literature at LSU, he followed his heart to the Omega Institute in New York, where he was inspired to become a yoga teacher. He completed his first yoga teacher training at Parmath Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India. After returning to the States, he began another teacher training program with Sean Johnson and Mitchel Bleir. Since then, he has taught yoga at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans and workshops at Big Bear Yoga Festival, the Omega Institute and other meditation centers and yoga studios throughout the country. Throughout his studies, he has fused traditional yoga, Bhakti, Tantra, with contemporary yoga styles, and western philosophy. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit “Yuj” or union. As such, it is his personal philosophy that all activities in life, all traditions, religions, and philosophies should be united, in order to alchemize suffering for the benefit of all beings.