Pilates Reformer Classes

60 minute classes offered in private sessions, duets, or small groups of 4 people. This class uses the reformer apparatus to tone, stretch, and develop balance.  We focus on alignment and efficient muscle use to retrain proper movement.



Pilates Springboard Classes

60 minute classes offered in small groups of up to 4 people.  This class uses the springboards with resistance based exercises.  It is used to tone, stretch and develop balance. We focus on alignment and efficient muscle use to retrain proper movement. 



Pilates Mat Classes

60 minute mat based classes offered in small groups of up to 6 people. We work to tone, stretch and develop balance by focusing on the core and deep muscle strength and stability.



Vinyasa Flow  
1 hour and 15 minute class in the Vinyasa Flow style. We coordinate movement to breath while flowing from one pose to the next. This class adds endurance, balance challenges, twisting and inversions.  

Gentle Flow Yoga

1 hour beginner level flow class that covers alignment of basic asanas (poses) and creates a gentle approach to the flow method of practicing yoga. You will also work the breath in various exercises to expand the lungs and open the chest and heart center. 




45 minute class that guides you through gentle movement incorporated with longer holds to release and open the body. This class will explore different poses, mostly seated and reclined, to help you relax and restore your body. Great for students who are new to movement or athletes who are interested in deep stretching.



Open Studio

Open studio hours provide advanced Pilates practicioners the opportunity to train without an instructor. Studio director approval is required. Attendance is by appointment only and subject to space availability



Children's Yoga

1 hour yoga class for children.  Classes are offered in age rages:   4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. The hour is divided between yoga poses, songs, games and meditation.



Children's Ballet 

45 minute fun class for ages 4-6.  The children can wear a leotard, tutu, or anything that makes them smile! Just don't forget their ballet shoes!




photo credit: Erin Cefalu Photography